Blue chip strategic procurement services across all types of government transactions.


Threat & Risk Assessment

In-depth assessments allow us to understand your immediate vulnerabilities in order to tailor a bespoke service offering and hand-pick the operatives best suited to your needs.

Cyber Security

Sumner Group Security provides independent professional cyber security and analytics services, including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, digital forensic services and investigation. 

Facility & Asset Protection

Protection of large facilities and assets allowing you to focus on what is important by assembling a robust security structure around you and your team.

PPE / COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies for governments and multi national corporations, including the provision of all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing required. 

Protective Services

Bespoke protective services for corporate entities and private clients. We analyse current and potential exposures, and devise and implement multi-layered security procedures. 

Maritime Security Contracting

An emerging Private Maritime Security Contractor, Sumner Group Security offers advice and maritime support to governments, corporates, ship owners and insurance companies alike.

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All regulated activities will be provided by Sumner Group Security in partnership with a locally licensed service provider.

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