Operating large facilities and managing assets that require protection can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Sumner Group Security allows you to focus on what is important by assembling a robust security structure around you and your teams.


A holistic site security assurance programme will help your teams maintain the necessary activities and freedom of movement required to enable your business to flourish. 


In order to develop a site security plan Sumner Group Security will provide the following services:

  • Assess the threats, risks and vulnerabilities in your area of operation and wider region. 

  • Determine the impact and likelihood of risks.

  • Deploy the integrated physical security presence.

  • Implement the appropriate technical and procedural security solutions to mitigate the risks.


This service draws on the placement of highly trained and experienced security personnel to work in unity with your teams.

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All regulated activities will be provided by Sumner Group Security in partnership with a locally licensed service provider.

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