From day one, cybercriminals have been exploiting the coronavirus name.

COVID-19 has been a gateway for click-bait cybercrimes like phishing – a common vector for lucrative ransomware attacks.

This may sound intimidating. We are, after all, in the midst of a global crisis.

That said, by being prepared, and by being aware of the cybersecurity risks companies now face, businesses can protect their data.

Cybersecurity Risks During a Global Crisis

Cybersecurity professionals have made a career of mitigating threats. This involves understanding the current environment and establishing a plan of action should a breach take place.

Why is this important today? In just a short time, the coronavirus has made a substantial impact. It has affected organisations from around the world, and will continue to do so. It doesn’t matter how secure your technology may be, businesses from around the world need to prepare for repercussions involving:

  • Security and hardware shortages

  • Disgruntled former staff and other unemployed workers

  • Budget cuts, lack of technical skills and supply chain failure

  • “Fake” news and other false information that could be used in scams

The corporate landscape is evolving. Consumer patterns are changing as well, and so too are the patterns of cybercriminals.

What Is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

Security departments are grappling with layoffs. They’re facing budget cuts. Some are experiencing network failure. And far too many falling prey to criminals who are using the pandemic as a tool for scams.

This is where Sumner Group GRC Limited (SG GRC) comes in. We will help you pinpoint your vulnerabilities and create a custom cybersecurity solution. Our objective is to protect clients during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. To ensure your protection, we can help your business:

  • Understand your weaknesses. Our team of experts rely on analytics and strategy to understand our clients’ products, services and technical dependencies. We’ll complete a readiness response assessment to identify your vulnerabilities.

  • Develop a cutting-edge business continuity plan. Now more than ever, it’s vital that your core operations continue – with limited reliance on third-party suppliers. This is where your business continuity plan comes in.

  • Complete a disaster recovery plan. Though you want to avoid falling victim to scams, businesses must brace themselves for the worst. A disaster recovery plan will help you minimise disruption in the event of a cyberattack.

The most secure businesses are those which isolate their operations and services. With a cybersecurity risk assessment, you can learn to do just that – and keep your business safe and secure as we work to mitigate the global pandemic.

Avoid Coronavirus Scams and Complete Your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Today

Take action today, and avoid falling victim to a cybercrime during the pandemic. SG GRC employs a team of highly-trained professionals who deliver top-quality cybersecurity risk assessments. Please contact us for details.

The global coronavirus outbreak may sound daunting—and rightfully so. That said, it doesn’t have to be the end of your organisation as you know it. Companies and government entities need not take a full-on hiatus from their daily operations.

It is vital, however, that organisations understand the risks associated with COVID-19, and that they prepare accordingly.

Why organisations should complete a COVID-19 risk assessment

There’s an overwhelming amount of information on COVID-19. People from across the globe are talking about the impact of a potential outbreak in their region.

When it comes to mitigating their business risk, many employers don’t know where to start. This is where an in-depth COVID-19 risk assessment comes in. A professional assessment will help to provide the most appropriate, evidence-based response for your business. Designed specifically to align with World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, an assessment is an ideal way to prepare for COVID-19.

Developing a Coronavirus Response Strategy

The response strategy component of a risk assessment includes both education and disease mitigation. This is highly beneficial for multinational corporations, whose staff and facilities are based in coronavirus hot-spot areas, as well as governments and NGOs who simply wish to prepare for an outbreak.

The process is simple. At Sumner Group GRC Limited (SG GRC), our team of experts will:

· Evaluate your vulnerabilities

· Recommend multi-layered COVID-19 prevention procedures

· Develop your organisation’s in-house capabilities to monitor the problem and mitigate future risks

Schedule Your COVID-19 Risk Assessment Today

Are you ready to tackle coronavirus head-on and complete your COVID-19 risk assessment?

Avoid being caught unprepared. Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment, learn more about coronavirus and protect your people.

SG GRC employs a team of carefully-selected ex-British Special Forces professionals who will work with you to evaluate your organisation’s vulnerability and help you prepare for a potential outbreak. Please email for more information.

SG GRC, part of the SGH Global Group are delighted to have been invited by the President of the Malaysia Auxiliary Police Association (MAPA), Dato 'Aishah Binti Mohammad, to present at the Auxiliary Police Annual Conference (APAC) to be hosted in Kuching from the 1st – 3rd December 2019.

SG GRC has been invited to present as a keynote speaker outlining its core service offerings to the APAC members and to showcase how our operatives’ extensive experience and UK Special Forces backgrounds can complement the remarkable work undertaken by MAPA’s member forces to form a long term partnership.

The SG GRC team are very much looking forward to this opportunity and to forming new working relationships in Malaysia.


The Malaysian Auxiliary Police Association (MAPA) was established on June 26, 1998 (Registration Number: PPM-008-14-26061998) in Kuala Lumpur.

The objectives of the Auxiliary Police Units in Malaysia include:

  • To provide additional and/or supplementary police services to areas where existing police coverage is limited.

  • To empower security officers working in Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and the private sector with police powers, including to carry firearms within designated areas.

  • To provide support and assistance to the Royal Malaysia Police Force in times of need.

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