An in-depth COVID-19 risk assessment is the first pivotal step when engaging Sumner Group Security’s COVID-19 risk mitigation services.
From the initial assessment, we will identify the most appropriate evidenced-based response in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
The response strategy can range from a simple yet effective virtual education exercise to deploying an on the ground team of specially trained ex British Special Forces to execute against a pre-determined strategy of assessment, education and reopening preparedness. The latter would cater for hospitals and high risk zones anywhere in the world requiring deep cleaning utilizing evidence based disinfectant strategies.
This service would suit clients such as multinational corporations, with staff and facilities located within identified hot spot areas, to governments and NGOs around the world trying to cope with the outbreak and prepare for eventual reopening of facilities.
Sumner Group Security will evaluate the level of your vulnerabilities to recommend and implement multi-layered COVID-19 procedures for integration into your current risk systems and in certain cases help develop your organisations own in-house capabilities to monitor the problem today and mitigate risk in the future.

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All regulated activities will be provided by Sumner Group Security in partnership with a locally licensed service provider.

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