Sumner Group Security and its dedicated partner network provides independent professional cyber security and analytics services, including:

  • Cyber risk vulnerability assessment

  • Penetration testing

  • Digital forensic services and investigation

  • Development and implementation of Information Security Management frameworks

  • Delivery of tailored cyber security and threat awareness training

First, the team will carry out a risk assessment to inform next steps and identify cyber security priorities. The service has both automated and custom tools to detect broad ranging vulnerabilities:

  • External and internal threats

  • Social engineering

  • Web, mobile, wireless, applications

  • Databases

  • Embedded devices and IoT

Identified exposures are tested and explored:

  • We pinpoint and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in computer network, software, database and web applications by simulating the tactics, techniques and procedures of real-world attackers. 

  • We coordinate team discussions, internal document review and table-top exercises. 

  • We conduct Response Readiness Assessment: evaluating your organisation’s security operations systems and procedures. 

  • We offer event monitoring, threat intelligence capability, and assess incident response capabilities. ​

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All regulated activities will be provided by Sumner Group Security in partnership with a locally licensed service provider.

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