Our team of seasoned professionals delivers blue chip strategic procurement services across all types of government transactions.
As part of the Sumner Group PPE initiative, we are working with governments around the world with a focus on government procurement services including manpower and training for:

  • Private Maritime Security Contracting  

  • COVID 19 mitigation strategies (including the provision of PPE & logistics)


Our objective is to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering effective procurement solutions on time. We have the depth of expertise and skills to deliver robust, expert solutions and, irrespective of complexity, we have a strong track record of successful completions. Sumner Group Security along with Sumner Group has a truly global reach, with presence spanning the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

For all Government Procurement enquiries please email

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All regulated activities will be provided by Sumner Group Security in partnership with a locally licensed service provider.

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